Charaplast seeks out to find areas in the world where doctors are badly needed to help people.

We are looking for volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical personnel in all specialties. We also need other personnel in the medical fields for logistics, translation and support. Medical instruments and supplies are also needed. Medical equipment and supplies are desperately needed in the areas where we bring medical relief. Your donations are tax deductable in the USA. If you can donate anything from bandages to large size medical equipment, we can provide them directly to the areas of need.

We also seek monetary donations to purchase the equipment and supplies and deliver them directly to the hospitals and doctors. All purchased supplies are handled by our doctors and distributed by the doctors during a mission to the country.

Monetary donations are also needed to help send a doctor on a mission to the other countries to do their work. The doctors donate their own time but need assistance to be sent to the country where work is being done.