* Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2001 - Charaplast found an organization of surgeons who perform Cleft lip and Cleft palette surgeries in developing world countries (Operation Smile). Overall, Operation Smile conducted 160 cleft lip or cleft palette surgeries in 5 days. They have continued to come to Cambodia every year since and have developed a relationship with the hospital in Phnom Penh. They continue a mission each year to date performing the same function.

Phnom Penh, October 2000, Medical equipment donated in the USA where it was collected and sent to Cambodia. All types of medical equipment from Bandages, to surgical instruments to
major operating room equipment. Training was also provided to teach how to use equipment. A mobile dental unit was provided to reach the people in the outer provinces.


* DaNang, Vietnam in March, 2008. There were 10 Polish doctors and 1 nurse. The mission was to serve the pediatrics ward of DaNang General hospital and the DaNang orthopedic hospital. Eight pediatricians of various specialties spent 9 days training and teaching Vietnamese doctors.

DaNang, Vietnam, March 2009 – Lead presenters at international Pediatrics Conference

* DaNang, Vietnam, September 2009 - Pediatrics