Charaplast Poland

We are fortunate to have an outstanding president of Charaplast Poland who oversees all operations and logistics with regard to any Polish based mission. Her name is Dr. Marta Rachel, doctor with a specialty in pediatric allergy. She has been instrumental in arranging Polish doctors and nurses to come to Vietnam for medical missions. She is also instrumental in fundraising for throughout Poland to make these missions happen.

Charaplast Poland thanks the following people who participated in the first medical mission to Vietnam in 2008:

  • Marta Rachel
  • Maria Banaszkiewicz infection, epidemiology doctor
  • Barbara Ziemniak, pediatric surgery
  • Renata Jonczyk, pediatric surgery
  • Jaroslaw Janeczko, gynecology
  • Marian Olpinski, pediatric hematology oncology
  • Grzegorz Inglot, pediatric orthopedic
  • Grzegorz Sokol , orthopedic
  • Maciej Wilk, nurse orthopedic
  • Andrzej Zawora