Samnang Teng

Sponsor: Dr. Marta Rachel
Area of Study: Engineering

My name is Samnang TENG, I am 25 years old now. I am a first generation student that get the scholarship from Charaplast in Siem Reap with Arun who studies doctor in Phnom Penh and I am also a senior student of Pannasastra University of Cambodia in the major of Business Administration. Now I worked with Japanese International NGO called Kamonohashi-project. its vision is to prevent the human trafficking, sexual exploitation and reduce the poverty level in Cambodia through provide the employment to Cambodian women in Sotr Nikum District. I like my job very much.

At first, I would like to share all of you how I can become a Charaplast member. After I graduated from high school, my teachers usually asked me whether I continue to study at University or not then I told them that after I got a new job I will extend my education because my family is not able to support me for the school fee and accommodation. From day to day, I always have a dream that I will have a chance to study at university. In the similarly, one day when I come to check my result after graduated from High School (BAC II) at the 10 Markara High School, I tried to find the announcement board I am very surprised to see my result because I passed the exam. On that day, I also met my math teacher his name is Sun Vanda, he asked me about the result and he also enjoyed with my result. He also introduces me to James and Marta. I am very happy to know that Marta sponsored me for my school fee. Since that time, I feel my life changed from the illiterate person to be a human. I am living with my full hope and have a self-confident that I will be an independent person in one day and become a good citizen in society which can help other people around me as my sponsor helped me.

For my family, there are 10 members my parents, my three sisters and four brothers including me. I am the third person in my family. My parents are the farmers and nurse. They always advise me to become a good citizen, share and help people around with full of love and compassion. I love them very much.

My Volunteer work:
I remember when I study personal growth in the second year, the rule of reciprocity said that what you have done for other, they will do back to you. So this phrase is the same meaning as what my parents have advised me. Thus, in the world is no long everything cannot stay forever in the world I determined in my mind that I will try to be an ideal citizen. Thus, in October, 2013 I and other Charaplst members start to make group activity by sharing what we can help to one community at Kantreang primary School which locates in Bakong District via doing the volunteering as English teacher to the children. It is so far from the city and we have collected the information from school director. Based on his speech, community has no English school and many students are anxious to learn. In the beginning of September, team for volunteers already separate into two shifts. Morning shift that the members are I, Samnang Khouern, Visith Sang, Hor Sunsross and Ratha. The afternoon shifts are Pheaktra Kong, Kanha, Marlita and Reaksmey. Even though, it is not much for them but we still consider when they graduate from primary school it can help them to improve their seft-development and they can help the next generation by sharing the knowledge to them.